Friday, November 2, 2018

"To Err Is Human," by Mark McClain

Constructor's Comments

Happy Birthday to Me!  I am living proof that "To Err Is Human" . . . witness today's puzzle.  Some people believe crosswords should steer clear of the negative side of life, but how can that be possible when we English speakers have so very many words for PROBLEM?  A few of these are highlighted in this puzzle's four theme entries, though they are clued as if there is no PROBLEM at all.  But of course there is a PROBLEM (see 40-Across).  Hats off once again to David, who found a glitch in one of my theme entries (GLITCH being another PROBLEM word and a rhymer for HITCH).  David also suggested the inclusion of typos in the clues to add a little humor (with apologies to the spellcheck police, who were likely appalled by this gimmick and consider both David and I to be morons).  So in closing let me just say that if you finished this puzzle, then you definitely have a PROBLEM!


  1. Nice puzzle though you probably meant to say 'both David and me' or is that just another part of the theme?