Saturday, October 27, 2018

"Free for All XXXV," by George Jasper

Constructor's Comments

In a nod to my comic book years, I added PHANTOM ZONE to the grid after starting with ANTIPASTO and PALEO DIET and was fortunate to have HEISENBERG fall into place.  I noticed that I had the right number of blank squares in an 11-letter Down fill to incorporate WALTER WHITE, allowing this themeless puzzle to have a sort of mini-theme in two of the longer entries.

The SEPTEMBER entry began as SIX-MEMBER, to be clued as [Minimum-size jury], which David felt might be a bit of a stretch, so a change was made there.  The lower-right corner was also improved to rework an awkward construction by David's suggestion of JUVENILIA, a word I've never seen in a crossword puzzle and that conjures up a distant connection with PHANTOM ZONE, at least to me.

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