Friday, October 12, 2018

"See 33-Across!" by Morton J. Mendelson

Constructor's Comments

When I came up with the idea for this puzzle, I wasn't sure it would be possible either for me to construct it or for anyone to solve it.  The construction was a bit of a challenge, but not as much as I anticipated or might appear at first glance.  For one thing, the grid is relatively simple, with no Across word more than seven letters long; also, the only letter constraints are in the reveal at 33-Across; finally, a web-based anagram solver made it easy to test possible entries.  I still had to use cheater squares to avoid problematic fill, and David added an unusual title to make sure solvers—especially those who start at 1-Across and work their way through the clues—didn't overlook the reveal.  The final puzzle, although difficult, is indeed solvable, and I hope you enjoy the challenge.


  1. Enjoyed it. Liked the idea, and the solve wasn't hard. I'm impressed you were able to construct this with smooth fill.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Paul! I was amazed that Morton was able to pull this puzzle off so well, too. He makes it look so easy in his blurb.