Wednesday, August 1, 2018

"Cutting Back," by Yoni Glatt

Constructor's Comments

I was having a Shabbat meal with my family and several guests.  For dessert we were serving a chocolate meltaway cake (kind of like a babka on steroids with an extra dose of heaven mixed in).  One by one our guests declined that delicious cake for one dietary reason or another.  I heard several versions of "I'm on a diet"—with various words like "paleo" and "detox" being inserted before "diet."  So that's where the idea came from.  David and I went through several possible diet options before deciding on this "balanced" selection.  Special thanks to David not only for running the puzzle but also for keeping in the clue with my favorite Pink Floyd album.  Oh, and shout-out and respect to my man Elan, who was not on a diet and pounded down half that cake.

Editor's Comments

Yoni took on a real challenge here:  In addition to the constraints imposed by stacking I'M on top of each diet, the central 9-letter reveal, I'M ON A DIET, divides up the grid in such a way that forces stacks of 6- and 7-letter entries in all four corners.  Normally Yoni could have added black squares to split some of the 7s into pairs of 3s, but the theme arrangements prevented him from doing that here.  Nonetheless, he executed the grid beautifully, keeping the surrounding short fill smooth and even jazzing up the midlength slots!

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