Monday, August 6, 2018

Upcoming Blog Changes

Starting with today's post, I'll be taking a break from writing the Editor's Comments part of this blog.  Things have become even busier than usual lately—in addition to all my other crossword commitments, this month I'm working full-time at Andrews McMeel Universal in Kansas City.  And in September I'll be back at Stanford for what promises to be a jam-packed senior year.

So for now, the blog will continue in a slightly different format.  You'll still see the Constructor's Comments (when I have them), grids, and any reader comments that come in, but the Editor's Comments will no longer appear regularly.

Depending on my schedule, they may resume at some point, and I may still write occasional posts or updates.  But my hope is that even without daily editorial comments, this blog will continue to be a useful resource and forum for Puzzle Society Crossword constructors and solvers.

Thanks for reading, and happy solving!


  1. thanks for all the posts thus far, good luck with the gig!

    1. Thanks so much, Erik—and thanks again for reading!