Monday, August 13, 2018

"Knife Skills," by Lynn Lempel

Constructor's Comments

This is a pretty common type of theme:  words that fall into the same category either starting or ending a phrase.  The trick is to use the word in a different sense.  I'd been thinking of the various terms for cutting foods, so my original title had been "Kitchen Cutups."

I'll admit that "hash" is probably iffy here.  It can be a verb but probably isn't used that way very often in the cutting-up sense.  HASHTAG was just too good a central entry to pass up.


  1. Enjoyed it, Lynn. This is exactly what a Monday puzzle should be. Didn't mind HASH at all. David is excellent at titles, as I've learned since he's improved on each of mine, but this time, I like your working title Kitchen Cut-ups better.

  2. I like "Kitchen Cut-ups" better too, with a flipped grid so that all the cuts would be "up".