Tuesday, August 14, 2018

"Flavor of the Week," by John Guzzetta

Constructor's Comments

This puzzle started out with a couple of weird versions that were impossible to work with (STRAWBERRY BLOND/E, CHOCOLATE LAB, and VANILLA ICE, if you must know), but David came to the rescue by suggesting the ice cream sandwich angle.  David is always helpful and engaging to work with!  Now, back to my late-night bowl of calories. . . .


  1. Fun theme (I've done this too, though not quite so complex) - think it will be in S&S which comes out next month. Eagerly anticipating the new "look" for PuzSoc - bit more in my wheelhouse, maybe. Keep up the good work and don't sit there running IN IDLE (gak).

    1. Thanks so much, Mark! I look forward to seeing your similar puzzle in S&S. Yeah, stay tuned, and you keep up the great work, too :)