Wednesday, September 5, 2018

"Wide-Open Wednesday I," by Sam Ezersky

Constructor's Comments

Exactly one year ago today, I worked my first full day under Will Shortz as The Times's new assistant puzzles editor . . . so of course it's only fitting that I have my first non-Times puzzle published in years!

Seriously, though, this is a real treat for me, and I hope the *cross*over is fun for you solvers.  David and I have been tight ever since meeting at the 2013 ACPT, when we both were still in high school.  We're off now trying to do big things in our respective puzzle markets, and there's nothing but love and respect all around.  Oh, and learning from one another as we continue to discuss our constructing/editing endeavors.

Looking forward to carrying on this spirit for the years to come!  Thanks again, David, for the opportunity.

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