Wednesday, September 26, 2018

"Wide-Open Wednesday IV," by Jim Quinlan

Constructor's Comments

I've taken several stabs at designing a themeless with FEEDING THE TROLL as one of the seed answers.  I'm pretty sure the first themeless grid I designed crossed that entry with HOW 'BOUT THIS HEAT (where FOAMS AT THE MOUTH is in this grid).  While I was super-proud of my work, it got kicked back to me with the note, "The phrase 'how 'bout this heat' yields less than 10,000 Google hits."  Whoops.  I really thought that was a thing people said. . . .

I'm very happy to have my debut in PSC with this puzzle, and I'm particularly grateful for David's patience as I reworked a corner that wasn't up to snuff.  (The original entry for 1-Across was TIPSTAFF.)

1 comment:

  1. Re 37A, the troll is the one being deliberately provocative. One "feeding the troll" is simply replying to the troll, probably in an offended manner, but that's not "being deliberately provocative."