Saturday, May 5, 2018

"Free for All X," by Harvey Estes

Editor's Comments

One of the hallmarks of Harvey's themelesses is his emphasis on fresh, contemporary fill.  My favorite entries here are BINGE-WATCH, RANSOMWARE, MUMBLECORE, and IN THE HOUSE, though NTH DEGREE, SPIDERMAN, and RAINFOREST are close runners-up.  Harvey also enjoys sprinkling in witty clues—I especially like [They're spotted on the plains] for APPALOOSAS and [The French lieutenant's woman?] for FEMME.  Even some of his more straightforward clues, such as [One who eschews thank-yous] for INGRATE and ["If all ___ fails, read the instructions"] for ELSE, show the extra mile he goes to ensure a fun solving experience.  How did you fare on this puzzle?

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