Friday, June 15, 2018

"Dos and Don'ts," by Will Nediger

Constructor's Comments

A weird thing about this theme is that, in every case, the pun involves a G sound being changed to a different consonant.  I wish I could have turned that into a clever extra layer to the theme or something like that, but it remains just a random coincidence.  Props to David for coming up with a clever title for this one, though—I originally called it "Locks Out," but this title is a lot subtler.

Editor's Comments

Three hairstyle puns revealed by BAD HAIR DAY would have made for a solid theme.  Will took things to a whole other level though, by having the phrases that contain the hairstyle puns also relate to BAD HAIR DAY.  That's some seriously elegant constructing!  My favorite theme entry is CURLS GONE WILD, which I can vividly imagine happening to my own hair, though SMOKING BUN is a close second.  In the nonthematic fill, Will didn't miss a beat.  In addition to having top-notch long entries, Will jazzed up the short and midlength fill with bonuses like RG III, B-BALL, and POWWOW.

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