Sunday, June 17, 2018

"Sunday Freestyle XVI," by Mark Diehl

Constructor's Comments

Somehow I dipped down into the 68-word range with this one—had been making an effort to stay at the 70-entry mark with the puzzles I submit to David for the The Puzzle Society venue in hopes of keeping the fill on the moderate toughness plane, but I must have shifted or dropped a pair of black squares along the constructing way.  The result still feels smooth and solvable, however.  Enjoy!

Editor's Comments

As Mark alluded to, finding a smooth fill for a 68-word grid is much harder than for a 72-word grid.  Judging by how polished this grid is, though, you'd never guess!  I don't see a single major obscurity, and Mark even threw in some zip with entries like CIABATTA, GOD FORBID, WINGED IT, DR PEPPER, IDEAL MATCH, SKI CAP, and CHERRY STEM.  I also enjoyed seeing YEAR TO DATE in the grid, since it almost always appears abbreviated as YTD in crossword grids.  To all the crossword-solving dads out there, Happy Father's Day!

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