Sunday, June 10, 2018

"Sunday Freestyle XV," by John Guzzetta

Constructor's Comments

NEVER BETTER was the seed here, and I was happy I was able to use another off my list, THE DARK WEB, when I came around to the top.

Editor's Comments

John Guzzetta is back!  I usually try to space out puzzles from the same constructor by at least two weeks, though John has sent me so many great themelesses in particular that I've ended up clustering them together.  It's all his fault for being so good at what he does.  In this puzzle, I especially like THE DARK WEB, BROKE THE ICE, FILET MIGNON, NEVER BETTER, RIPE OLD AGE, VELVEETA, ECO-SAVVY, PAPER TRAIL, and APPLE STORE.  The short fill is also smooth all around.  John's next two puzzles are a Monday and a Tuesday, so if you find his themelesses challenging, you'll see that he also has a soft side!


  1. That should be "à" rather than "a" at 49D.