Wednesday, June 27, 2018

"Temporary Structures," by Debbie Ellerin

Constructor's Comments

I had this on my idea list for a while but couldn't quite get the set of theme answers to work.  I pitched this to David using SNOW FORTS symmetrical with ICE PALACE.  David liked the concept but was bothered by the inconsistency of having only one plural theme entry.  Luckily, the nine-letter POP-UP SHOP popped into my head, and the puzzle came together quickly after that.  Hope you all enjoyed solving it.

Editor's Comments

I never would have thought to make a theme out of temporary structures—such a fun and unique idea, and Debbie found five outstanding examples!  As a bonus, POP-UP SHOP, JENGA TOWER, and BOUNCY HOUSE appear to be making their crossword debuts.  In the nonthematic fill, Debbie challenged herself with those wide-open upper right and lower left corners . . . and pulled everything off beautifully, even working in lively bonuses like TRIP WIRE and DEADEYE!  I can also count the number of clues I changed on my fingers.