Friday, June 22, 2018

"Double Duty," by Tim Schenck

Constructor's Comments

Puzzlers, of course, are always looking for a new twist or turn to liven things up.  David and I thought this corner construction was, if not novel, fun and a bit unusual.  After some lively back-and-forth we arrived at these corner combos, and David wrapped up the fill with DAD BOD!

Editor's Comments

Tim did a great job with this twisty theme!  A few elegant touches I noticed are that every possible "corner" gets used, there's a 15-letter reveal running through the center row despite the high theme density, and SAD SACK dovetails beautifully with the reveal.  Tim was smart to go with a high–word count grid, since opening things up in a puzzle where two-plus words constrain most corners would likely have lead to many compromises in the short fill.  In fact, I think Tim might've found the optimal grid, since I'd be hard-pressed to find entries I don't like.

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