Tuesday, July 17, 2018

"Midfield," by Roger Miller

Constructor's Comments

I'll admit it:  I might be a STEM-loving geek.  I took calculus for my electives on the way to an agronomy degree at Purdue.  I was reading a newspaper article on the importance of the STEM curriculum when I thought of this puzzle.  Then, there was ENGR.  I sure was glad to find ELLEN GRISWOLD.  STEM CELLS, as the reveal, dawned on me after I started to find the theme answers.  Finally, thank you, David!  I love what you are doing with these puzzles.

Editor's Comments

I've seen many themes involving hidden words but never one with abbreviations.  Words are normally superior to abbreviations, but in this case, I think Roger was smart to go with abbreviations, since STEM itself is short for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  And besides, good luck finding a theme entry that hides and changes the meaning of ENGINEERING!

Finally, I like how Roger went with STEM CELLS rather than just STEM as the revealer.  How does the CELLS part play in?  After thinking about that for a minute, I realized the cells are the grid squares surrounding SCI, TECH, ENGR, and MATH.  Very nice!


  1. That reveal was a nice surprise. After USCITIZEN, I thought Field in the title meant Roger was embedding ball parks (CITI.) Though I'm a retired educator who taught SCI, I didn't see it or any of the others until the reveal. I also like the use of Cells to indicate embedded sections.

    1. Thanks, Paul—I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle! I hadn't considered the CITI misdirect either!