Sunday, July 1, 2018

"Sunday Freestyle XVIII," by Erik Agard

Constructor's Comments

This grid shape was inspired by a similar one that Doug Peterson made for one of our forthcoming co-constructions.  Hi, Doug!

Also, I can't look at a certain answer in this puzzle without seeing the name of a fruit instead—so weird how that works.

Editor's Comments

I love the Z pattern here—wow oh wow that must've been difficult to construct!  Erik made it look so easy, though, even throwing in fun entries like A SEAT AT THE TABLE, SINGAPORE DOLLAR, PERSONAL TRAINER, TRY IT ON, and BLUEBERRY.  Er, BLUBBERY.  See what he meant in his constructor note?  Another thing that blows me away is the short fill.  Most triple stacks require numerous compromises to hold them together, but once again, Erik made this look effortless.  With SIF as the only out-of-the-ordinary entry, my hat's off to him!


  1. Top notch freestyle. Loved the clues for LARCENY, JERRY, and WHOLE. Did happen to know SIF thanks to the THOR films.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it, Mark! I believe most or all of the clues you liked are Erik's :).

    2. Hi, Erik. Great grid! For some reason, I love the stacked ONALs in the bottom stack. Looks so trippy in the grid.

  2. thank you all for the kind words!