Monday, July 2, 2018

"Starting Lineup," by Zhouqin Burnikel

Constructor's Comments

I originally used "Leading Ladies" as a puzzle title.  David thought the theme might be tough to suss out if there weren't a reveal entry.  Thanks again for the new title, David!

Editor's Comments

A LEADING LADY puzzle from one of the leading ladies of crosswords leading off a new week!  Zhouqin is up with another masterful early-week offering.  All the theme entries are lively and in-the-language—my favorites are the colloquial SO WE'VE HEARD and DOES IT MATTER, both of which make their crossword debuts today.  The nonthematic fill is silky smooth all around, and Zhouqin even found room for the zippy LIVE-TWEETS and TAKE THE RAP.  And finally, most of the clues are hers.


  1. A perfect Monday puzzle. Flying along with no idea about the theme, and then a great reveal.